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Do you feel overwhelmed by social media? Are you frustrated that this “wonder tool” that everyone says you need to be using to market your business just doesn’t seem to work for you?

If you were to take a day out of your business right now, will you generate an income while you’re away? Have you had to sacrifice holidays because if you’re not grafting for 12+ hours every day, you can’t afford to make ends meet?

I can almost picture the scene in your office now… trying to juggle 10 jobs at once, the phone is ringing, emails are constantly pinging into your inbox… snatching the odd 5 minutes to keep up with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and all the other platforms you’ve found yourself using?!

Argh! It’s all too much… you don’t have time to waste! You need to be at your next appointment soon so you hop over to Facebook and write an update to explain to your followers about your exciting special offer and head out.

A few months later and you can accurately attribute the value of sales you’ve made from social media as… A BIG FAT ZERO!

So, convinced that social media “just doesn’t work for me” you give up and stop bothering… or at least, you stay around but because you’ve made a few friends online and it is good to keep in touch with them.


Social Media Confusion

I can sense your frustration… and believe me, you’re not alone!

But what if there was another way? A BETTER way?

Take a minute now to imagine this…..

  • You know who your ideal prospects are and where on social media they are spending the most time…

  • You know exactly how you can ‘slice through the noise‘ and find your ideal prospects in the crowd… so every person you talk to is interested in what you have to share and offer

  • You know what to say on social media to build strong relationships and convert your connections into paying customers… and referrers… and RAVING FANS!

And as a result… you receive a consistent stream of leads and sales into your business?!

Imagine you didn’t have to work 12+ hours every day to cover your bills… you could take regular holidays and spend time with loved ones while your income continued to flow into your bank account?!


The Social Expert Academy couple enjoying tropical holiday

How great would it be….?

  • To spend less time on social media but generating MORE SALES…!

  • And less time working but generating BIGGER PROFITS…!

How would you feel if you could GUARANTEE regular, increased income whilst knowing you had more time to do the things you love?

That’s exactly what I’m here to tell you about today… and within 12 months, all of this could be a REALITY for YOU!


Joanna Martin

Joanna Martin



“Since Veronica has been working with us on our social media, I have seen an unprecedented increase in the numbers attending our events in the UK.” Joanna Martin, Internationally Renowned Speaker, Author And Entrepreneur




Introducing The Social Expert Academy

My name is Veronica Pullen AKA “The Social Marketing Relationships Queen’ and I have developed The Social Expert Academy for Trainers, Coaches, Consultants and Solopreneurs like you who desperately need more clients, more money… and for your prospects to recognise you as the expert in your field.

It’s based on my unique Social Media Prospector Principles which have been generating phenomenal results for business owners over the last 2 years!

Social Media Prospector

The Social Expert Academy is for people like you…

  • who want to know how to enjoy a great lifestyle with all the benefits that a regular passive income stream brings.

  • who have a message to share with the world, are passionate about what you do, but tired of trading time for money

Jane Hafren, The Walk of Life Coach

Veronica Pullen testimonial April 2013 from Jane Hafren on Vimeo.


Join The Social Expert Academy Today!

Monthly, step-by-step online training – delivered live… and in bite-sized chunks for maximum success

£47 + VAT Per Month

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I’m not one of those “social media experts” who get very little of their own business from social media either. I’ve been building relationships online for 17+ years… my business was built from scratch on social media… and even today, 89% of my clients and opportunities come via relationships I’ve built online.


Through my social media relationships, I have been…

  • Crowned The Association of Coaches, Trainers and Consultants Small Business Coach of the Year 2012 – with a MARGIN of 170+ votes!
  • Featured on ITV1 Daybreak Show and generated front page newspaper coverage
  • Become a sought after Joint Venture partner nationally
  • Invited regularly to speak from stage at events nationwide
  • Given a monthly social media column in Surrey Mirror newspaper
  • Consistently growing my business with 89% of my own globally based clients coming via my social network
  • Working with some of the BIG names in the Expert industry… including Bob Burg (Author of Go-Givers), Dr Joanna Martin, Fiona Harrold, Nick James, Nicola Cairncross, Kimberley Davis (BBC Apprentice)… AND MANY MORE
  • Chosen by Nigel Botterill as his UK Entrepreneur of the Month
  • Hand-picked by Theo Paphitis (BBC Dragons Den) as one of his favourite small businesses (the first social media business to be chosen!)


The Social Expert Academy Veronica Pullen and Theo Paphitis

Me receiving my award from Theo Paphitis


You see, for various reasons, I rarely attend offline networking events. So for me, social media wasn’t a bandwagon I jumped onto… it was, and continues to be, my main source of marketing for my own business!

When I first started my business, I did what thousands of other new business owners do… I spent £1,000+ joining networking groups… I attended the meetings religiously every week… and I received a handful of referrals that just about covered my membership costs.

But it was exhausting… and to be honest, I got better results from my online networking which cost me £0 and didn’t take even half as much of my time! Nor did I have to set my alarm for the “middle of the night” to get to breakfast meetings… but that’s another story!




The “Social Media Prospector Principles” were created quite by chance too. For a long time, I didn’t realise that nobody else could see the patterns that I instinctively spotted in how people communicate online. It was only when someone asked me how I had grown such an engaged social media following that I revealed my strategies to them.


The Social Expert Nigel Botterill's UK Entrepreneur Of The Month

Me receiving my award after being crowned Nigel Botterill’s UK Entrepreneur of the Month


And they were gobsmacked! So I set about laying down my system so I could teach it to other business owners… and started offering workshops where I taught the attendees what I knew

And when they went off and applied my strategies, the results were astounding!

  • A niche hotel owner who got at least one HOT LEAD a week from Twitter!

  • An events organiser who sold 30 places at their event in just THREE DAYS!

  • A Virtual Assistant who filled half her week with ONE HIGH FEE CLIENT within FOUR DAYS!

  • A B&B Owner who built a relationship with a Journalist and received INTERNATIONAL MEDIA COVERAGE within 2 weeks of applying my strategies

And the list goes on….
“Veronica is impressive. She has significantly short-cut my learning by providing super sharp processes that make sense and above all work. Veronica has shown me how to stay laser focused yet interactive. As a result I’ve built some great online connections, found customers and increased my online presence”. Georgina El Morshdy


If you want to be achieving similarly amazing results for your business, The Social Expert Academy will provide you with all the resources and training you need to make your dreams a reality…


Inside The Social Expert Academy you’ll learn…

  • How to use social media to position yourself as the expert, find and engage with your ideal prospects and convert them into a stream of paying customers
  • How to close EVERY sale… Leigh Ashton – The Sales Guru – shares some great strategies to make sure you are not leaving money on the table!
  • How to write copy that SELLS… Nick James, one of the UK’s leading copywriters shares the exact same strategies he used to make £19,940… £44,880… and even £59,960 for his private copywriting clients!
  • Dr Joanna Martin shares her 7 steps to stop trading your time for money, and create huge profits from multiple streams of income through speaking…
  • Defining your unique expertise – whatever business you are in, there will be a million others doing the same thing… but not once Lucy Whittington has shown you how to find your THING… your unique difference that makes you stand out above the crowd… in your space of ONE!
  • Optimising WordPress for search engines and getting traffic to your website/blog – Suraj Sodha will be sharing his expertise of search engine optimisation so your prospects can easily find you online
  • Creating videos that convert on a small budget is a struggle for most people… Suzanne Parker, an ex TV presenter knows all the insider secrets… and she is here to share them with you!


Nick James

Nick James

As well as learning how to…

  • Create A Lead Magnet And Build Informational Products… Work Once, Sell Over And Over!

  • Write your book and become a published author in ONE WEEKEND!

  • Automate Your Sales Funnel… make money while you sleep!

  • Adopt a “money-magnet mindset”… stop repelling the wealth you desire!

  • Ensure your website is profitable… not just a glorified brochure

  • Understand the Wealth Dynamics profiling system for entrepreneurs… and why success is so much easier when you’re in flow

  • How to create, run and deliver HIGH PROFIT webinars

  • Goal setting and designing your ideal lifestyle

  • The secrets to being interviewed on radio and delivering your message to powerful effect… that gets Producers calling YOU!
  • Creating your own products – packaging your knowledge into recurring and passive income streams – make money while you SLEEP!


Naomi Johnson | The Social Expert AcademyI’ve been in business for 18 months, but until I joined The Social Expert Academy, I didn’t have a list. Veronica coached me to create a Lead Magnet, and now people are joining my list every day!” Naomi Johnson purrfectlysocial.co.uk

Just think… by this time next year, you could have..

  • A successful and sustainable social media strategy – using stealth search techniques, building solid relationships and generating a consistent stream of sales and leads for your business… in only a few minutes each DAY!
  • A PROFITABLE LIFESTYLE BUSINESS that generates a solid income for you, yet affords you plenty of time off to spend with the people you love… enjoying regular HOLIDAYS and spending more time doing the things you enjoy!


Now, we both know you’ve already got loads on your plate, and you although you may be eager to get the big numbers and sitting here thinking that all this sounds amazing, but I imagine you’re also worried The Social Expert Academy program will be way too overwhelming and time consuming for you?

It’s ok… I understand.

So, to make your life easier, and to ensure you have the best chances of implementing the stuff that you’ll learn… this program is delivered monthly and in convenient, bite sized chunks.

How does it work?

When you join The Social Expert Academy, you’ll receive instant access to my Social Media Prospector for Twitter training program. You’ll be able to get started immediately with learning how to generate income from Twitter quickly and easily

You’ll also get instant access to a forum AND private Facebook group for peer/expert support and networking as well as access to me to get answers to your questions quickly.

Then each fortnight you’ll spend 90 minutes on a virtual training session (webinar)

  • Group Mentoring Calls With Veronica Pullen – Support, Guidance and Accoutability: Our monthly mentoring calls are your opportunity to bring your biggest struggles and questions to the table and get the solutions you need from me and your peers that will enable you to move forwards in your journey immediately.Ask any question on any topic… whatever is holding you back right now. If we don’t know the answer, I will know someone who does.We’ll support you when you need it, and kick your butt if you need us to, but either way we’re be right beside you on your journey!
  • Group Expert Calls: 90 minute LIVE virtual training sessions (webinars) with a different expert every month. As well as learning how to position yourself as the expert and sell more stuff on social media from me, the experts listed above will be delivering training in their areas of expertise, and taking your questions live… so you can rapidly build YOUR lifestyle business!That’s LIVE and DIRECT access to some of the UK’s most successful people in the expert industry… you can’t get access to their content for less than £100… but they’re all here for you inside The Social Expert Academy!
  • Private Support Forum: In between the calls, get the support of your peers and Veronica in our private Facebook Group. This group is your place to ask those burning questions and network with your fellow Social Experts who are all on the same journey as you.
  • There is a vast amount of knowledge and support available to you in this group… you never need to struggle through on your own when you have your own network around you… ready to provide solutions, celebrate successes and generally become some of the best friends you could ever meet.



Join Today And Get INSTANT Access To The Social Expert Academy

PLUS You’ll Receive TWO Bonuses…


1 – FREE INSTANT ACCESS to Social Media Prospector (Value £97)

2 – INSTANT ACCESS to a comprehensive library of social marketing training and call recordings that will generate immediate results for your business… if you take action and implement what you learn! (Value £1,587)


£47 + VAT Per Month

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Join The Social Expert Academy, go through the trainings and the mentorings and you’ll start seeing results.

Of course, I’m hoping that you’ll love The Social Expert Academy so much that you’ll want to stay… But if for any reason you feel it isn’t for you, you can cancel your membership at any time**

I want you to have absolute peace of mind that you are making the right choice for your business… and your future lifestyle!

**For annual members, the guarantee period is 90 days. Decide it isn’t right for you within the first 90 days, and I’ll refund your investment in full




£47 + VAT Per Month

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 ONE PAYMENT OF £397 + VAT (Save £167)

PLUS if you join before midnight on 31st December 2013, you’ll save 20% (from 1st Jan, we’ll be adding VAT to all invoices!) AND you’ll automatically be given access to my brand new Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ Program in January 2014

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And I truly look forward to welcoming you into the Academy and sharing this fantastic journey with you

Warm regards