Are You Losing Out On Generating A Consistent Stream Of Warm Leads For Your Business?

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Do you want to generate a consistent stream of leads from your social media marketing?

Do you want to build (or grow!) your list?

Do you have a website or blog?

Veronica Pullen | Social Marketing Queen

From The Office of Veronica Pullen

To: Business Owners Marketing On Social Media

Hi there, I’m really excited that you’re using social media in your business marketing… and already out there networking and building quality relationships.

However, it’s not all good news I’m afraid…

The thing is, if your ability to get sales from your social media marketing relies on you having regular access to Facebook, Twitter etc, you’re in a VERY vulnerable position.

Relying on 3rd party sites for critical aspects of your business is dangerous. You do NOT own the data for your social connections, so if Facebook, Twitter, Linked in et al decided to block you from using their sites (Facebook permanently remove people from their network hourly!) you’ll have no way of nurturing the relationships you’ve spent years building!

And you shouldn’t just be worried about keeping on the right side of the rules either.

Remember what happened to Bebo, MySpace and Friends Reunited? One day Twitter andFacebook etc will disappear too and you’ll have to start over… building a whole new network!

All these years of effort – gone.

It will all have been for nothing!

Doesn’t bear thinking about does it?

Now… I want to introduce you to a simple, yet HIGHLY EFFECTIVE way to safeguard your future income… that also enables you to build a list of highly targeted, warm leads that grows by the hour and allows you to keep in regular LEGAL contact with your ideal prospects.

So that when (notice I said when, not if?!) you do lose access to Facebook, Twitter, Linked in – or wherever else you’re currently networking – online and offline – your business won’t suffer. You won’t be out of pocket financially.

And it also means that when you attend any offline business networking events or exhibitions, you’ll never leave without TONS of warm prospects waiting eagerly to hear from you…

It’s called a LEAD MAGNET!

Have you ever visited a website and seen something like these?

The Lead Magnet Academy | Veronica Pullen

Where you’re offered something of great value in return for your name and email address?

That’s what I’m talking about here.

Perhaps you even downloaded one of MY Lead Magnets… either my newest eBook “8 Simple Steps To Profitable Social Marketing”, or the first eBook I created, “Unlock The 3 Best Kept Secrets To Skyrocket Your Sales From Twitter”…? (Both are available from my main site –

Lead Magnets Created By Veronica Pullen

Creating your Lead Magnet is the process of packaging up an introduction to your expertise that can be downloaded by your prospective customers… giving them a test drive of your knowledge, and demonstrating that you ARE the expert in your field.

And at the same time… building your list of WARM LEADS!

Lead Magnets are a topic I talk of regularly (it’s step 3 of my Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™… but I’m often met with a look of fear when I broach the subject of creating a Lead Magnet with my mentoring clients.

You might also be thinking… well yes, that all sounds great, but where the hell do I start?

How do I know…?

  • What the topic of my Lead Magnet should be?
  • Which format I should deliver the content in?
  • How do I physically pull it all together?
  • Where to go to get the opt-in box for my website?

And if you get past all that, the self doubting voices in your head will start up…

  • I’m not technically minded!
  • I’m no good at writing or design… it’ll look rubbish!

So I set about pulling together everything I know about creating Lead Magnets that I’ve been sharing with my £2k VIP mentoring clients – into one easy to follow, step-by-step home study program.

And I’ve called it the Lead Magnet Academy


Naomi Johnson | The Social Expert Academy

Naomi Johnson


I’ve been in business for 18 months, but until I worked through the Lead Magnet Academy, I didn’t have a list. Veronica’s program coached me through creating a Lead Magnet, and now people are joining my list every day!Naomi Johnson



Inside the Lead Magnet Academy, I’ll hold your hand and support you as you create your own Lead Magnet, and make it live on your website to start actively building your list.

Together, we’ll work through…

  • Deciding on the topic and content
  • Establishing which format is best for your content delivery – eBook, audio or video series
  • Building your story of YOU – positioning yourself as the expert
  • Collating testimonials and creating case studies that showcase the results of implementing your expertise
  • Formatting and hosting of your Lead Magnet ready to be shared exclusively with subscribers
  • The compelling title
  • Outsourcing your bespoke cover design – to my trusted $10 designer who designs all my covers
  • Setting up of the automated delivery funnel – including ALL the technical steps – we cover everything inside the program
  • Where and how to promote your Lead Magnet – online and offline!

I’ve done everything I can to make the process of creating your own Lead Magnet and getting it out there and available for your connections to download, as simple as possible.

Laura Carrick | Lead Magnet Academy

Laura Carrick

“What made working through the Lead Magnet Academy such a pleasant experience for me,             was how logical it was and how easy all the training flowed.

I loved the exercises, they were brilliant and helped me to get absolutely clarity, which made creating my Lead Magnet really easy. This program pulled my thoughts together so well. It has been a breeze making it happen, and it made me realise what I did wrong the last time I tried to create a Lead Magnet.

This program is really value driven and strategic. Loved it!” Laura Carrick



Inside the program, you’ll work through each module in turn, learning from me, with all the training and resources you need to make it happen… step by step.

So by the end of each module, you’ll be one step nearer to getting it finished… and by the end of the program… you’ll have your Lead Magnet live on your website and ready for your connections to get their hands on it.

And if you take action now… I’ve got a special deal just for you…

Lead Magnet Academy DVD 3D Graphic

You can get instant access to the Lead Magnet Academy TODAY for…


£67 + VAT

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You’ll also get access to a private support forum where you can ask questions and get any support and feedback you need from me and your peers as you work through the program… including very knowledgeable technical experts – you won’t be left to struggle alone!


Marie ClarkeVeronica leads you through creating your Lead Magnet step by step, with great advice and tips and a sprinkling of humour throughout. This keeps you motivated especially as she celebrates your steps with you. 

If you are serious about building a list of potential clients, then you need to sign up to this course and get yourself a Lead Magnet that you can be proud of and that will build your list of warm leads.Marie Clarke, Wedding Planner

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