Get Paid To Grow Your List Of Your Ideal Clients...

... With No Icky Hard-Selling Or Multi Level Marketing Involved!

Do you have a Lead Magnet that you offer your website visitors in exchange for their email address?

Do you want to create a passive income stream that makes you money while you sleep?

Would you like to generate sales in your business WITHOUT selling?

Veronica Pullen | Social Marketing Queen

From The Office of Veronica Pullen

To: All Business Owners 

Hi there, I’m really excited that you’re already out there networking (online and/or offline) and building your list of warm leads.

However, I’ve got some bad news for you…

You see,  when you gain a new warm lead (opt in), you only gain a new name and email address in your database. Now, don’t get me wrong, that new warm lead is valuable to your business… you now have the opportunity to nurture the relationship via email… which in turn is reminding them to buy from you when they’re ready to take the next step.

So you’re already miles ahead of many of your competitors. I don’t want to take that away from you.

But… what if you could ramp up your lead generation process so that you not only gained a new warm lead, but you ALSO GOT PAID to build your list of warm leads?

That would be a win/win wouldn’t you say?

Hey listen, can I share a story with you…?

Recently I co-hosted a webinar. There’s nothing especially unusual about that, I do webinars regularly…

It was a ‘no selling’ webinar, so the objective was for it to be a lead generation exercise, and not an income generator. Again, nothing too unusual about that either, as I’ve done plenty of these before too.

The leads (opt ins for my Lead Magnet) are valuable long term, because I can send value driven emails to nurture the relationship… gaining new leads is great for any business owner.


That all takes time. It’s very rare that someone who opts into receive your Lead Magnet is ready to buy from you immediately… for some, you may need to nurture the relationship for weeks, months, or years before they’ll be ready, or feel confident enough, to invest with you.

In fact, I was once on somebody’s list for 7 years before I bought anything!

Anyway, I digress… I was telling you about the webinar.

This particular day was the first time I had ever done a lead generation webinar where I made sales without even making an offer!

In fact… within 24 hours of the webinar, I had gained 238 new warm leads, AND £384 had been deposited into my PayPal account!

I realise that I’m not going to be retiring on £384, but let’s not forget that there was no pitch… no selling at all. The only offer I made to the audience was to invite them to download my free eBook. Trip Wire Photo So how did it happen? What was different about this webinar? Well… it was the first time I’d co-hosted a ‘no pitch webinar’ since I had added a new step into my lead generation process.

The new step that I added is called a TRIP WIRE!

You may not be familiar with the term ‘Trip Wire’, but I’m almost certain that you’ve come across a Trip Wire before. You might even know it as an ‘opt-in offer’, or a ‘welcome mat’ – depending on which marketing expert you follow. Hey… if you’ve downloaded one of my free eBooks in the past few months, you may even have invested in one of MY Trip Wires? That’s pretty cool to think I’m sitting here telling you about Trip Wires, but you already know, because you’ve seen mine before.

Lead Magnets Created By Veronica Pullen

If you’ve downloaded one of these recently, the chances are that you’ve seen one of my Trip Wires in action…

The official definition of a Trip Wire is…

“A highly compelling, low cost, high value offer which sets up the business-customer relationship.”

And right there is another benefit of a Trip Wire… it pre-qualifies your new warm lead as a more committed customer.

Somebody who has bought from you once is MUCH more likely to buy from you again. So where right now, you’re adding new names and email addresses to your list, but then you have to put a lot of effort into converting that new lead into a paying customer, with a Trip Wire you’ve established from the outset that the person is more committed to getting results… And having already invested in getting their desired results with you… when you WOW them with the content of your Trip Wire, they’re pretty damn likely to want to invest more £ in you… and then, EVEN MORE!

Have you ever seen an author promoting their new book, by giving away a free physical copy of the book, but asking for a contribution to the postage and packing? So for example, the book has an RRP of £19.99, but you can have it for just £3.50 p&p?

That’s an example of a Trip Wire… it is the kind of Trip Wire that has been gaining in popularity recently too.

Personally the prospect of having to go through the aggravation of writing envelopes and queuing up in the Post Office every day to post physical items for maybe £1 in profit doesn’t do it for me. So that’s why I set about creating a digital trip wire… one that can be bought and delivered online… entirely on autopilot… creating a passive income stream for my business. And now you can too…!

I’ve got to level with you though… I first heard the term “Trip Wire” several months before I actually got mine set up. It wasn’t until I read Darran Hughes’ book Breakthrough Business Growth Barriers‘ that I really “got” the value it would add to my business. Yet it was several months later that I actually set it up – and within a few hours I’d had my first sale… with no additional promotion!

So if you, like me back then, are thinking “I’ll do that soon!”, don’t put it off any longer. I dread to think how much my procrastination cost me in lost income, so please learn from my mistake so you don’t lose out too!

Ok, I imagine by now you’re feeling excited… your head is probably buzzing while you try to think what YOU could offer as a Trip Wire? Am I right? But any second now, the internal chatter will start… and you’ll be wondering…?

  • What would my prospective customers want me to offer as a Trip Wire?
  • Which format I should deliver the content in?
  • How do I physically create a Trip Wire… what’s involved?
  • Will I need to spend lots of money upfront on expensive tech before I can sell my Trip Wire?

And if you get past all that, the self doubting voices in your head will start up…

  • I’m not technically minded… I wouldn’t know how to sell online!
  • I’m no good at writing, speaking or design… it’ll be rubbish and nobody will want to buy it!

I recently brought 50 business owners together in a 30-day Trip Wire challenge, where each day they worked on creating their Trip Wire in bite-sized chunks, fully supported by me.

The training content was designed to enable them to spend minimum time working on their Trip Wire each and every day… And on day 30, their Trip Wire went live and is already generating a passive income for them.

YAY! But I could only work with 50 people in the challenge, which means many business owners like you missed out on an opportunity to work with me to create an abundant lead generation system for your business. So while my Trip Wire challengers have been busy creating their Trip Wire, I’ve been busy recording the daily training sessions, and bringing all of the content together under one roof – so I can support you to create your Trip Wire too.

And I’ve called it the Trip Wire Academy

Emma Hadley

Emma Hadley



“Without the Trip Wire Academy I would have been lost trying to develop one alone. I really benefited from having the creation process broken down into small, simple steps, and for Veronica’s support which kept me focused on the end goal And I love the fact that I have something at the end that not only am I proud of, but that is also making me money.”

Emma Hadley




Naomi Johnson | The Social Expert Academy

Naomi Jane Johnson


“Although I didn’t complete the process within 30 days, I found the easy-to-follow information invaluable, particularly in connection with structuring a sales page.

My tripwire is now live and I’m looking forward to generating an additional income stream.  I’d recommend anyone with an online business to invest in this program and get your trip wire implemented as soon as possible!


Naomi Jane Johnson, Purrfectly Social

At the 2014 Entrepreneurs Convention, Nigel Botterill taught the 1,000+ attendees that they should add a Trip Wire to their marketing… Here’s why Damian Smyth (Nigel’s Business Growth Adviser for London) recommends you invest in the Trip Wire Academy program…

Inside the Trip Wire Academy, I’ll hold your hand and support you as you create your own Trip Wire, and get it live on your website so you can start getting paid to grow your list.

Together, we’ll work through…

  • Evaluating your ideal clients’ pain to decide on the best topic and content for your Trip Wire
  • Establishing which format is best for delivery of the content
  • Content creation for your Trip Wire… including guidance for screen capture videos and recording audio
  • Collating testimonials and creating case studies that showcase the results of implementing your expertise
  • Hosting and posting for your Trip Wire – how will buyers get access?
  • Getting paid… setting up your payment processes
  • Building your automated delivery model – so your new leads can be introduced to, purchase, and gain access to your Trip Wire while you sleep (checking your emails first thing to find emails notifying you of new funds being paid into your bank account never gets boring!)
  • My foolproof system for writing your sales page copy…
  • AND we’ll also cover ALL of the technical steps involved in selling your Trip Wire online – at zero to low upfront cost!

I’ve done everything I can to make the process of creating your own Trip Wire and getting it out there and available for your new leads to purchase, as simple as possible.

Abi Steel

Abi Steel

“I first came across the concept of a Trip Wire when I attended an event where Veronica was speaking. I couldn’t believe I’d never heard of it before! The idea is so straightforward and genius! I was really excited when the opportunity came up for me to learn more about how to create one, and I knew that Veronica’s sessions would be easy to follow as I had already studied her Lead Magnet Academy course. For me the benefits of having a Trip Wire centre around my need to have a soft sales approach for my business. I feel confident knowing that having a Trip Wire helps me to serve my customers by placing my solutions based products in front of them in a natural way. Without the Trip Wire Academy I would have found the process overwhelming and it would have been continuously bumped to the bottom of my ‘to do’ list. I loved this program. Veronica’s really supportive and the information is presented in such easy to follow, manageable chunks, that I’m in the final stages to putting it on my website!”

Abi Steel
Supernanny of Education


Dee Woodward

Dee Woodward

“So, since emailing out my Lead Magnet link to a few people on my list yesterday, I’ve had a 54.24% opt in rate for the freebie and a 33.33% conversion to the tripwire product.
Thank you Veronica for putting together the Trip Wire Academy. I’ve had ‘tripwire’ on my list of to do’s for months now. I already had all the content and the product ready but hadn’t put it all together and most importantly had not got it out there. If it wasn’t for this program it’d still be sat on my to do list rather than out in the world”

Dee Woodward
Brand Master –


Julia Bramble

Julia Bramble


“7 hours after going live with my new Lead Magnet and Trip Wire yesterday (yes, both at the same time – I’m exhausted now!), 25% of my Lead Magnet opt-ins had invested in my Trip Wire – and I’ve had even more sales today. Thank you for all your support. Knowing the group was there for me really spurred me on to get it done!”

Julia Bramble
Social Media Coach, Consultant & Strategist –


Andrea Peck

Andrea Peck


“Completing the challenge has given me a new information product which is the perfect stepping-stone for new clients to working with me. Veronica takes you gently through each step making it easy and attainable. I now have a new lead magnet, a new product, my first squeeze page and a new CRM. Not bad for 30 days! Thank you loads Veronica.”

Andrea Peck

Inside the program, you’ll work through each lesson in turn, learning from me, with all the training and resources you need to make your Trip Wire happen… step by step. So by the end of each session, you’ll be one step nearer to getting it finished… and by the end of the program… you’ll have your Trip Wire live on your website generating a passive income for you. Ready to get started? To celebrate the launch of this new program, if you take action this week… I’ve got a special launch deal just for you… Trip Wire Academy DVD 3D Graphic

Get instant access to the Trip Wire Academy today, for…


£97 + VAT

Buy Trip Wire Academy Now

You’ll also get access to a private support forum where you can ask questions and get any support and feedback you need from me and your peers as you work through the program… including very knowledgeable technical experts – you won’t be left to struggle alone!


Dawn Fry

Dawn Fry

“Without the Trip Wire Academy, I might have been able to create something myself, but it would not have been a patch on what we were guided to create inside the program. The training was so comprehensive, and clearly defined every element that needed to be covered – from content creation, sales page, hosting, buy now buttons – all of it, covered in detail in easy to follow steps – fantastic! The biggest benefit to me is having a complicated process (it is for me anyway) broken down into small, doable chunks, that means you are working towards your goal of having a Trip Wire created and working for your business by the end, but not giving up half way through from overload and overwhelm! ”

Dawn Fry


Rosemarie Gant

Rosemarie Gant

“Before I started working through this program, I had some awareness of trip wires and knew they could be beneficial, but hadn’t appreciated just how useful they could be. If I hadn’t have joined this program, and had tried to create my trip wire alone, I probably would have given up half way through.  I’m OK with the techy side but my “completer-finisher” side (which is minimal in my case!) would have struggled without the step-by-step approach and the support of Veronica and the rest of the group You need a trip wire if you are running a business with any kind of online presence, and 10/1 you won’t get around to doing it on your own.  Sign up to this program to work with Veronica and you’ll definitely get it done!”  

Rosemarie Gant


Stella Popowicz

Stella Popowicz

Before I began this program, I had no idea what a Trip Wire was, and would not even have been able to begin to understand the process of creating one. I really loved the level of detail Veronica goes into, in terms of ‘exactly’ what you need to do to create your Trip Wire. This program is a complete step by step guide to creating your very own Trip Wire, which contains such detailed steps, that if you follow and apply them one by one, you can’t fail. ” 

Stella Popowicz
Smart Thinking Mums



Marie Clarke

Marie Clarke

“I was completely unaware of trip wires and the benefits they can give a business. But luckily for me I took the opportunity to work with Veronica again and as always she packs a punch of great value within her training packages. She has a great knack of delivering down to earth, logical bite size step training that before you know it you have grown and achieved so much. If you are sat on the fence, jump off and grab this training with both hands. With your hard work and Veronica’s fantastic training you could be miles ahead in no time.”

Marie Clarke,
Weddings For You By Marie


Tina Van Leuven

Tina Van Leuven

“The biggest benefit of working with Veronica was the way that she chunked the process down into daily easy to manage steps with great videos, templates plus lots of encouragement and support.  For anyone wondering if the Trip Wire Academy is for you I’d say to just do it if you’d like to create a natural next step for your interested clients to take after receiving your free opt-in gift. With the easy to follow steps you’ll have something created within 30 days and you’ll know how to actually get it set up so that your trip wire is delivered to your clients upon completion of payment. If you’ve had lots of ideas but lacked the technical know-how, this is perfect for you. Thanks Veronica, I’m so glad I jumped in and I am so appreciative of your generosity! Joyful blessings.”

Tina Van Leuven,
                                           The Joy Oracle at


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