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Boost Instagram likes. Top 9 Actionable Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic Organically [2023]

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Are you discouraged that you are getting less blog traffic? Do you feel that even after writing quality content, you are not getting any rewards from search engines? Wondering how to improve your blog traffic immediately? 

It is normal to get frustrated at the beginning stages due to lack of traffic as it takes time and effort to build a solid readership. 

Here are 9 tried and tested methods to increase your blog traffic:

  1. Write More Content
  2. Refresh Old Content
  3. Reach Out to People You Mentioned in the Post
  4. Use Guest Blogging to Increase Traffic
  5. Leverage Social Media
  6. Increase Your Website Speed
  7. Optimize Your Posts
  8. Back Important Posts with Internal Links
  9. Publish Guest Posts on Your Website

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Let’s dig deeper and understand these methods one by one:

How to Increase Blog Traffic Organically?

1. Write More Content

The more content you write, the more searches you can capture. Find relevant keywords with good monthly search volume and write content regularly. Search engine rewards websites with fresh content. As mentioned, you have to find topics people are searching for. Creating tons of content with less or no search volume gives nothing in return after all the hard work. 

Types of articles that work well:

  1. How to guides
  2. Listicles
  3. Ultimate Guides
  4. FAQ Questions
  5. Sensitive Topics
  6. Industry breaking news
  7. Events

Create both trending as well as evergreen content. Trending topics help you to get new visitors to your website quickly where evergreen content gets you visitors every month, every year. 

You can some topic ideas from:

  1. Existing content
  2. Trending content
  3. Customer surveys
  4. QA sites
  5. Competitor websites
  6. Topic suggestion tools
  7. Google search console
  8. Google Trends 

& more.

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2. Refresh Old Content

Updating old well-performing articles can quickly improve your traffic. Users don’t prefer old and outdated content. So does Google. Updated and fresh content always works better. Refreshing old content involves removing outdated content with fresh content, implementing new images, charts, graphs by replacing the older ones, adding relevant LSI keywords for better reach.

To find out which old content needs a boost, get the list of posts that used to work well before but started giving less traffic. 

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3. Reach out to people you mentioned in the post

When you quote a popular blogger or a celebrity, you should let them know with a tweet or mail. Don’t push for a retweet or sharing on their social media account. Just mention it in a friendly way.  I, myself prefer Twitter, so that, it’s easy for them to share it with their followers which can boost your traffic. Even if they don’t, you can create a relationship with them. 

4. Use Guest Blogging to Increase Traffic

Matt Cutts from Google announced that guest blogging is dead. Is it really? If then why everyone is talking about it? Why spend a lot of time and effort building something which won’t help your SEO? 

Well, Matt said guest blogging is dead but it’s only for those who consider it to get just backlinks. It can be still fruitful if you do guest blogging to reach more potential audience, getting traffic to your website from niche websites, positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry. 

Approach relevant bloggers and ask them if they would like to publish your guest blog in exchange for a link. Most of the bloggers will say yes based on how you approach and the type of content piece you provide. Who doesn’t like to get great content for free? 

To make this happen, find relevant, niche blogs, and write a customized guest post pitch to the right person. Follow up if you don’t get a reply. Bring some blog post ideas while pitching the idea. Research what type of content they publish, type of posts work for them, and create something similar or even better. In return, you will earn a valuable backlink for your website. 

If you do it right, guest blogging is one of the best link-building technique out there which can bring you tons of potential traffic. Else, it’s just another backlink for your website.

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5. Leverage Social Media

I have seen personally that so many webmasters are relying on social media to bring them a good amount of traffic to their website. You don’t need to be on every social media platform to make it happen. Based on your users, you need to find the best social media platforms that work for you and set your foot there. 

Don’t just copy-paste your link and subject but customize the title based on the platform. Whatever you publish, can go invisible very shortly so analyze which time can work better for you and publish so you can reap better visibility. 

6. Increase your website speed

Do you know that 47% of people exit your website if it takes more than 2 seconds to load? From smartphones to TVs, everything is getting faster and so should your website. Create a faster and smooth website so people don’t need to wait to get it to load. 

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Page speed is a critical factor since it determines how fast your website will load. To improve its user experience, Google and other browsers use this as one of the crucial on-page SEO factors. So, you have to work on reducing the loading time of the website as slow websites fail to rank effectively on SERPs, which is never good for business.

Use Google page speed insights to regularly check your website speed as well as tips you can utilize to improve the website page loading time. Also, make sure your website is responsive as most internet users are on mobile now, and it’s increasing as you read. 

7. Optimize Your Posts

Optimizing doesn’t mean you have to stuff your posts with keywords. Optimizing is implementing relevant keywords in the right places to make search engines understand what is the blog all about. Include keywords in your Title, Description, URL, beginning of the article, end of the article. Utilize LSI keywords. 

But make sure you don’t over-optimize. Don’t stuff your keywords just because you want to rank for the keyword. Make sure it looks natural. Optimizing your post also mean keeping the size of the image in check to make sure it won’t increase the page loading speed. 

Also, add social media sharing links so readers can easily share your blog posts through their social media accounts. 

Some of the blog post optimization methods:

  • Write effective titles to increase CTR on Google SERP. 
  • Add images and videos to increase engagement and also increase weightage to your post. 
  • Improve the readability of your website.
  • Add featured snippets to improve visibility on search engine results page. 
  • Use helpful sub-headings
  • Include outbound links where necessary
  • Implement LSI keywords
  • Make sure your content goes deep
  • Optimize the length of your article
  • Link to older posts

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8. Back Important Posts with Internal Links

Even though internal links are not that effective as quality external links, while added at the right places, Internal links help to decrease the bounce rate and increase the pageviews. When you add internal links from high authority pages to potential blog posts, that will help improve their performance in the search engines. 

Internal links connect your content and help search engines understand better your website structure. Most webmasters don’t realize that it can improve a site’s performance in search engines if used properly. 

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9. Publish Guest Posts on Your Website

Guest posts are a way to quickly add quality content on your website without much effort. It can benefit you with quality traffic when written considering keeping your viewers in mind. You can tap into the expertise of others with guest blogs. 

Once you start accepting guest posts, your inbox will get bombarded with tons of mails and pitches. But you have to find topics that can improve your traffic, have to work with the author to design an optimized guest blog that can satisfy your readers.  Finding and accepting the right authors and content is the secret behind guest blogging success. 


We hope you learned some tactics to increase your blog traffic. Writing quality content is a part but how do you present it, how do you distribute it can make a huge difference. Follow these 9 actionable methods to increase your blog traffic starting today.

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