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Boost Instagram likes. What Happens When You Only Share Reels on Instagram?

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If you’ve used Instagram recently, you’ve probably noticed that static feed post engagement is down, while Reels video posts are on the rise. 

Instagram is even testing a new, full-screen, home feed — specifically designed for showcasing Reels. 

But what happens if you shift entirely to a Reels-only strategy? 

We spoke to content creator Olivia Noceda, who has been almost exclusively posting Instagram Reels on her feed for the last six months, to find out.  

What Happens If You Only Share Reels on Instagram for 6 Months?

Olivia Noceda decided to pivot her Instagram strategy after months of feeling stagnant on the platform.

“I was spending so much time planning and curating my static photo content only to get zero engagement,” she explains. “It was so discouraging.”

For Olivia, the solution was obvious. “I thought, I can either complain and sit in this stuck feeling or I can move with where Instagram is headed.” 

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Within weeks, Olivia pivoted almost entirely to an Instagram Reels-only strategy on her feed, alongside daily Instagram Stories. 

After six months, Olivia grew her account by 60K followers — a 75% increase in follower growth.  

Before sharing Reels, Olivia had plateaued with 80K followers. 

Now, she has 140K engaged followers. 

“It’s so nice to welcome people into my community who found me because of my Reels,” Olivia shares. “I’m connecting with so many like-minded people who have the same interests as me.”

The community reaction and engagement on Olivia’s Reels, compared to her static content, has been unlike anything she’s seen before.

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"I can't explain it, but the engagement on my Reels feels so much richer than anything else I've posted on Instagram. It's on another level of connection with my audience."

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